Feb 22, 2019 | NEWS

The event was attended by Atanas Dobrev, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests, by Rosen Zhivkov, MP, by the District Governor of Vidin, Albena Georgieva, by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Vidin, Ventsi Paskov, by many guests, employees, and workers of the company, and local residents.

The celebrations started with folkdances, music, and songs, followed by a sacred water ceremony for a rich harvest. The Mayor, Ognyan Tsenkov, said it was an honour for him to be a part of this great Bulgarian tradition for yet another year. ‘I would like to congratulate from the bottom of my heart the proprietors of Bononia Estate, Angel and Ivaylo Yotov, for their efforts and their investment in this fertile region of the Municipality of Vidin, and for their successful grape growing and winemaking enterprise.

I would like to thank them for providing jobs to the local residents and for creating wonderful conditions for training and improving the qualifications of their experts and workers. We have been working in very close collaboration for the last three years and have come to realise that we need more people who are as forward-thinking as they are. I have always been a supporter of innovation when it is for the good of all residents’, said the Mayor.

Then he pointed to some specific examples – the assistance provided by the company by funding the development of the road infrastructure at the request of the residents of Gomotartsi, in order to take the agricultural machinery outside the village; the building of the winery and the whole complex in the village of Koshava was supported by the local and the national authorities.

Tsenkov expressed his confidence in the future success of the collaboration aiming to continue the development of the grape growing and winemaking business in the region: ‘I would like to wish the owners of the company and their team great health and a lot of successful new endeavours with excellent results. May St. Trifon the Pruner bring cheer to everyone and introduce a new year of abundance and prosperity. Have a good one!’.

The traditional pruning ritual was started by Ognyan Tsenkov and Angel Yotov. The Mayor of Vidin cut the vines and wished for a fertile year with a lot of healthy grapes and good wine.

Bononia Estate Ltd cultivates more than 1,300 decares of grapevines in the territory of the villages of Gomotartsi and Koshava. The wines produced by the company are gaining more and more popularity and enjoy a good reception on the domestic and international markets.

Source: https://dariknews.bg/