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Branislav ELENKOV

Mr. Branislav ELENKOV is one of the leading Bulgarian specialists in plant protection.

Born in one of the oldest cities in the world, Plovdiv, Mr. Branislav ELENKOV was brought up as a patriot to love his country and the fertile Bulgarian land. In 1974 he graduated with a degree in "Vine Gardening" from the Agricultural Institute in his hometown and after that specialized in "Plant Protection" and "Forecast and Signaling". His 20 years of professional experience lead him in 1996 to form his own distribution and consulting company in agricultural economics. Thanks to his experience and the ability to accurately determine the agrotechnical, physiological and health status of different crops, over the past years Mr. ELENKOV established himself as a leading consultant in plant protection. With his consulting expertise Bononia Estate successfully grows and develops its vineyards.


Nikolai Dalakov

Mr. Nikolay Dalakov is one of the managers who has assisted the development of many Bulgarian wineries.

He was born in 1968. After graduating with a Master degree in "International Economic Relations", Mr. Dalakov specialized in "Marketing and Management of Wine" in Paris. Trakia University has awarded him the honorary academic title "Doctor Honoris Causa". He has dedicated his professional career to economics, management and Rotary Club membership. Over the years he has gained not only invaluable international and regional experience, but has also assisted with his knowledge many Bulgarian wine and spirits makers. With his weighty experience, Mr. Dalakov is not only a valuable consultant of Bononia Estate, but also an example for all the young professionals starting their career in this industry, which makes one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in history.

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